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The great and mystical Ovche Pole region with it`s natural resources and cultural heritage


The Ovche Pole region and city of Sveti Nikole (Sveti Nikola - Saint Nicholas) have 5 published books in the past year, more than enough for all curious researchers and visitors to get familiar with the ancient culture of Ovche Pole

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Region of Ovche Pole (Ovce Pole, Sheep’s field) is one of the rare areas in the world with so many cultural and natural varieties. Located in and around the grand and fertile Ovche Pole Basin, the region with an ancient name abounds with natural resources and great cultural heritage. The strong winds and large quantities of underground waters, together with almost three thousand sunny hours per year, the salty soil and rare steppe make this region invaluably rich with natural resources. The natural borders of Ovche Pole are confirmed in scientific works from the past two centuries, and the cultural marks and traditions are additional value for this part of Macedonia.

More about the great Ovche Pole can be read in the published books:

Collected Works about Ovche Pole – book 1, 2 and 3

Sveti Nikole – the main settlement in Ovche Pole

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You can read about this mystical region online at www.nikolaristevski.com & www.ovcepole.mk