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NWO Illuminati Program - 25 goals that will destroy the planet


Тhis video reveals 25 goals that the Illuminati - Mason used to form the world as it is today. Asphalting of the antichrist road (mentioned as the "Director" in this presentation Tubes Adam Wishaupt:

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1.) People must be more inclined to evil than good

2.) Preaching liberalism

3.) The use of IDEAL FREEDOM to encourage inter-class wars

4.) Use all available means to achieve their goals that are justified

5.) Belief in their right to use force

6.) The source of their strength must remain invisible until the moment they have gained such power, no group will be able to undermine them

7.) Advocating the psychology of the mob and the world, thus gaining control over the masses

8.) Promote the use of alcohol, drugs, moral corruption, and all forms of marriage in order to systematically spoil the youth of a nation

9.) Firmly tie the private property of every citizen, using all the available funds.

10.) The use of slogans such as transliteration, freedom and fraternity in the masses as a form of psychological warfare.

11.) The war must be directed so that both sides are placed in a further debt and misery, while peace is designed so that neither party can retain the rights to the territory. (Homeland War 1990)

12.) Members of the Masonic organization must use their wealth to take candidates who are selected from a public institution, who will be obedient in their demands, and who will be pirates in the game of the game of a man in the shadow. Advisors need to be educated and trained since childhood to rule out affair throughout the world. (Obama)

13.) Media control, from where most of the information the public receives

14.) Agents and provocateurs will come forward after creating traumatic situations, and will act as mass slaughterers, and in fact their interests are the opposite, reducing the population

15.) The creation of industrial depression and financial panic, unemployment, hunger, food shortages - the use